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Have you ever heard the statement made by business analysts, “80% of all businesses fail within the first five years.”  Do they ever tell you that you are guaranteed success after five years?  Do they ever tell you what caused the other 20% to get beyond the first five years?  Were they smarter, better salespeople, had more personal drive, or maybe they were just more attractive than the other business owners.  We don’t think so.


Every business owner knows that without money and financing to operate the business, the business will soon fail.  No matter how long the business has endured.  But the business owner is responsible for product development, sales, marketing, staffing, logistics and accounting.  How do you have time to oversee and plan for your financial structure and future?  It’s proven that 80% of the business owners didn’t.  So how do you put enough attention on the financial issues of your company?  Simple.

                            Your Business Office Inc and their “CFO on the Go”.


Your Business Office is dedicated to the success of small and mid-size business.  We offer part time and interim Controller and Chief Financial Officer service to help your business succeed far into the future.  You could hire a full time CFO with a large yearly salary to oversee things, but how much of their time is wasted on the day to day operations when they should be focusing on the financial structure, reporting and planning.  A wiser decision would be to hire a “CFO on the Go” that will focus on your staff data entry accuracy, accounting structure and design, accounts receivable, accounts payable, human resource, payroll, asset and inventory management and provide accurate financial and cash flow reporting of your company without the day to day interruptions.  You would have the pulse of your company at your fingertips weekly and monthly with the cost being far less than a full time salary, plus benefits, and those financial savings would be delivered right back into business cash flow and net profit helping you extend your business into the future.



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